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# 16Morfod27 25Wats# 25
2 suicides
War Journal Entry
In the beginning there was the Dark,
and the Dark was null and void.
And out of the Dark came the Morf,
and the Morf was with Hate.
And the Morf WAS Hate.

In him was the Dark,
and the Dark was the Darkness of Despair!
But the Hate SHINES in the Darkness,
and the Darkness could not comprehend it!

Hate feeds the Morf.
I am the Hate.

You may confess your...many, many sins.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/llycbz0g0ymy74q/dcl_morf_vs_wats_06042015.zip?dl=0 - Morfod
https://www.dropbox.com/s/vwimsg84m8nq7ur/dcl_wats_morf_shogun.rar?dl=0 - Wats
Morfod is the love. No hate nor darkness encompasses his being. I love the Morf. - Mark392
The Morf is within us all. - Wats
but then wouldn't it be eye seeth? - bahamut