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Home D1 Ascend x4 Home
# 4Drakona21 19LoNi_# 2
"Win or lose -- you know how to play this level!" "#LAN, great game girl, awesome home"
War Journal Entry
LoNi's been rocking the X4 levels lately, particularly this one. I thought he'd get me for sure, he's been beating Jeds and had just played to OT with him. I never beat that guy in here. Well, not anymore.

So when LoNi got up 19-18, I thought, "Is this it? Is it gonna happen?"

And then I spent the last three kills repeating to myself, "Do not go gentle into that good night . . . " *clang* "Rage, rage against the dying of the light . . . "

But that won't work forever. :)

Actually I really like the way he plays it. Very strategically sound, so it forces me to be tricky to make anything happen. You make me better at my own home, man.
That was an awesome game... nicely done Drakona. - LoNi_