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# 2Jediluke20 17Drakona# 3
2 suicides
"total fn lie" "It's too late to think of something nice to say. Uh. You fly good."
X5 or don't play in house! ;} - The@$$Man!
x2 is the right number of missiles for Athena. Any more than that, and you aren't so much shooting them as trying to see through them. - Drakona
Drakona is right. - Jediluke
NH is a great number for Athena too ;) - Mark392
Athena x2 and Athena mcap 2 LV are two of my favorite levels. I feel they barely have any relation at all. - Drakona
Wait you have a problem seeing in x5? Perhaps you need the hax. Tape the missile button and you will not see as many missiles. :P It will look like x2 :D - The@$$Man!