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5 suicides
"#SoH13 GG! I'm looking over a four-leaf clover that I've overlooked before." "I LOST THE SUMMER OF H8 IN TAKE2. LET THAT SINK IN."
War Journal Entry
For me, this match was significant on a number of levels.

Firstly, it's my last competitive game playing on all keyboard. While I consider my flying to be above average, I just can't compete with those that can aim in a split second. One of the biggest reasons fusion is my go-to weapon is that I got pretty good at being able to move my ship and release my fusion charge at a single point. (Incidentally, that's also why I'm pretty good at mass driver.) However, this does not help me being able to consistently keep my aim on a moving target. The brutal all-or-nothing digital nature of the keyboard makes following someone who is not moving through your view at the same speed that you turn or move near impossible.

Secondly, it was my deciding match in Morfod's Summer of Hate. I have been looking forward to this week literally all summer. I already have a hell of a good time playing Morfod as it is, and the idea of dedicating one week to our mutual destruction while spewing H8 all over the mines was, well, a hilarious idea. I am happy to say the idea played out to the letter... we had some crazy fun matches, I took a couple of stompy losses, but made him play some bizarre levels. Skybox x4? Minerva Shake? Pillbox? :) And after 12 games we were tied 6-6.

Thirdly, We decided to roll random for our 13th match, and... OMG, Take2, NUUUUUUUUU.... I went into this game thinking that Morfod was going to absolutely destroy me, and when he jumped out to... or rather, I fell back to a 0 - -1 lead for Morfod, I knew I was going to have to work hard to get anywhere. However, I had glimpses of previous games I've seen him play in (his kill on melvin in the corner of the red room was the stuff of legends!), and I was able to get the jump on him quite a few times. I felt I had a four-leaf clover shoved to uncomfortable depths with a few of my smart missiles, and when I made it to 19 I knew that regardless of the result I would be happy with it. Of course, no sooner did I say that I hit him with a smart square in the belly to make 20. ^_^ Taking the victory was sweet, especially after being down in the series 2-5, and most especially in one of the triumvirates of H8.

Morfod is not only a skilled competitor that can pull off incredible dogfighting moves (well, maybe not until he gets another Grendel adapter), but he will make you cry from laughing, from 0 to 20, no matter who wins. This was a fun week, and I couldn't think of a better way to finish off my games on keyboard.
roncli's PoV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9ACykfToFI - roncli