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# 2Jediluke20 13Drakona# 4
3 suicides
"which implies that the same pilot is not great in the current era i suppose" "One of these pilots was great in the Kali era."
Always one of the best, still one of the best. Didn't have x? back then. Wonder how he became known as undefeatable in NYSA? :) I saw this game at work, it was 8-6 Drakona I think? Jedi's always been in the top tier. If you can't figure it out by now, no one can. - moh
By way of explanation . . . My connection was REALLY messed up. Like 200 ms and microbursting messed up. We decided to play anyway. I did pretty well early on, but ultimately got pretty dominated. Someone has Kali skills, and it isn't me. - Drakona