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# 1Mark39220 17Drakona# 3
"Impressive! I LOVE IT! *Bows* In nae! Kuk gi, pyihagi " "Didn't do enough pushups beforehand."
War Journal Entry
Mark392: ok Drak, ready to take #1? i got time for a dcl with you =)
|UF|Drakona: I want your spot.
Mark392: i gotta jet after another game though
|UF|Drakona: This is serious.
Mark392: i know you do
Mark392: i want you to come take it!
|UF|Drakona: ;)
Mark392: thats right.
Mark392: thats all there is to it
|UF|Drakona: It's gonna be mine!
Mark392: you ready for that Athena rematch? you beat Jeds there so im ready to get pwnt
|UF|Drakona: I'm gonna do 30 pushups to get amped up for the game, like you did!
Mark392: LOL
|UF|Drakona: *has never done a pushup in her life
Mark392: hahahahha
Mark392: oh thats awesome
Mark392: lolol
Mark392: well, 30 will ge tyou going for sure then
Mark392: lol
|UF|Drakona: I'll be ready to play you in . . .
Mark392: ima get some water
Mark392: brb
|UF|Drakona: . . . eight weeks!
Mark392: lol
|UF|Drakona: Gotta work up to it!
Lol... People always keepin my chat logs... Lol - Mark392