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"the headache went away." "It was 13-11! What did you DO??"
War Journal Entry
Blarget was listening in and posted a transcript for us. I thought it was too awesome not to share.

Jediluke: Blind fucking luck start again!

Drakona: aww you saw me ;<

Jediluke: Aren't there supposed to be twoooo Vulcans in this level?
Drak: Aww, did you lose yours?
Jediluke: I haven't found another one, but I took yours so fuck you!
Drak: Well it will turn up eventually.
Drak: yep I found it
Jeds: That's such bullshit.

Drak: How bad DO you want those missiles?
Drak: HAHAH, That bad!

Jeds: Wow! way to go lagger, you just lagged through my shots

Jeds: Suck it SUCK IT!

Drak: oOOOOO! You should have seen!!!!

Jeds: that's right!
Drak: yeah I wanted it too bad. The Buddhists where right. Desire leads to suffering

Jeds: You should have seen my dodge
Drak: I didn't think you would be there, that's for sure.

Drak: mhmhmh, naw you saw me.

Drak: What did you even do?!
Jeds: well that shit doesn't even work on you now because you have been so fucking lucky lately

Drak: Why am I using spread fire, spread fire is a loser gun

Jeds: That was a tough dodge

Drak: Oooo, t'was ballsy of you to come after me and it worked out!

Drak: Yeah take that! 4 shields . . . by that I mean I damaged you by 4 shields not that I have 4 shields

Jeds: You are so lucky

Jeds: God, you're lucky!

Jeds: Blind luck

Jeds: Ugh god, so stupid! If I would have just stayed back for one millisecond!
Drak: You're angry. I can tell. :)

Jeds: That was bullshit!
Drak: naw naw, THAT was! The stuff before, that was beauty!

Jeds: so bullshit

Jeds: You should be dead.
Drak: So should you!


Jeds: Blind luck!

Drak: Aww man!

Jeds: hhghhEh HEH
Drak: ohh that hurt you didn't it!

Jeds & Drak: Oooooooooooo

Jeds: You want to report now or later?

Jeds: oooh that was some lucky shit

Drak: oooooooo! I WANTED that to hit!
Jeds: Yeah but who died and who didn't???

Drak: aww I wanted you to be there.

Jeds: Look at that embarrassing score!
Drak: Wasn't it like 13-11? What did you DO?
Jeds: Opened my can of whoopass on the shelf.

Drak: Im going to go hang my head in shame now
Jeds: Good, I hope you have nightmares when you go to bed. About me beating your ass.
Drak: Yeah, I'm going to cry into my pillow.

Hehe. There you have it, folks. Play 500 ladder matches with someone? This is what you get. ;)
OK, that was pretty funny. - Sirius
Spreadfire is a great gun... - Mark392
No doubt. For you! For me it is a trap. I didn't mean people who used it well were losers. I meant using it myself tended to make me . . . lose . . . the game . . . - Drakona