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# 14ryusei11720 13Cyrus# 15
1 suicide
"We were tied a long time until somewhere around 10-10. Well played. :)" "UGH! too good"
War Journal Entry
Man, this game was full of hilarious kills. I was sniping in front of the door near the cage ... and he opened the door behind me. I was like OHCRAPOHCRAPOHCRAP and put a Smart into the floor, which tracked and killed him. Later, I was backing away up the curved tunnel near the Reactor, laying suppressive fire. I thought he was on the other end of the level. But as soon as I pushed the door open with my backside, he was there and clobbered me. XD

Oh yes, I couldn't possibly forget my terrible lag save. I was aiming up the two-tier ramp toward the large room, and I realized I was too far forward to take cover if it became necessary. I moved backward a bit and managed to lag straight through his ship. Right when he launched a Smart. :P Had he fired 10 ms earlier, he would have plugged me.

Shenanigans like this are one of the main reasons I play Descent!