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# 14Lady Silver25 23spud# 23
""Out along the edges, Always where I burn to be. The further on the edge, The hotter the intensity. Highway to the danger zone! Gonna take you Right into the danger zone!" Great game, Spudly!"

Demo link
"very close, funny stuff with the delayed kill the first time you almost won ;)"
War Journal Entry
I had to beat Spudly TWICE. I killed him in the back hall, making it 23 - 21(I think?). I win. Or do I? Missiles in the air clip me and I die! OHMYGOSH! So it's on again. I managed to still pull off the victory, but it sure was close. Demo is from around 19 - 19 onward; when I saw we were heading into the danger zone. ;)
Excellent Game!