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# 29roncli28 26spud# 16
5 suicides
"GG! Indeed, down by one with one shield, and pulled it out, how do I stop the shaking?"

Demo link
"Was one shield away from victory. So close."
War Journal Entry
This victory is significant to me personally for a number of reasons.

First, I was one shield away from losing early in overtime, and overcame that.

Second, it is, to date, my longest overtime game in terms of score.

Third, it is tied for the longest overtime game in terms of score on the DCL by bronze pilots, a record set only 15 days earlier by Cyrus against Lady Silver.

And fourth, it marks the first opponent I have beaten on mouse that I did not beat while I was on keyboard.

But the game itself... spud was an awesome opponent this game. I got an early lead, but he figured me out quickly. I turned around and figured out what he was doing to counter me. This went back and forth to the point where there were standoffs around corners over missiles. In the end I got a couple of quick kills and managed to finish it with a cheeky fusion kill in the corner.

Excellent game spud!
Best quote of the game occurs after 2-1: "I need to shop for my homing missiles the same place PFunk does." :D - roncli
Wow! Looks like an excellent game! Let me know if you find a cure for the shaking...Then again, don't. ;) - Lady Silver
Clutch win Roncli, congrats! - spud