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# 3Mark39223 21Jediluke# 1
1 suicide
"Well played brother! Your dodges are... Indescribable!! Great game brother!" "Why does it seem the only time we play DCLs are at LANs and when I'm sick? all in all, well played."
War Journal Entry
So, it's generally stupid to play someone the caliber of Mark392 without warming up knowing that he's already warmed up.

It's also generally stupid to play Mark392 when sick. I have a sinus infection in full effect with Dr. appt tomorrow morning. I've played him sick before and didn't even remember the game...the DCL reminds me that I lost that game though.

So it's generally stupid to do what you know is stupid.

So...call me General Stupid <3
Observed: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1v3hmud0rjsuend/Obs_Jedi_Mark_Logic_121615_23_21Mark.dem?dl=0 - Cyrus
That's a good war journal all but the h8... It's all love baby! L8 Luv! - Mark392
Mark....silver lining....you won the x4 trophy....which means you are required to defend it :) hehe you're welcome - Jediluke
Maybe you should have had your mom come over and make you a special breakfast... that might have leaned things back in your favor... - Sergeant Thorne
I asked her to Thorne...but she said she didn't love me that much. - Jediluke
You cad! I've been had!! Dang "Wyndhammy" trophy.... - Mark392
Dawgonnit you turd! I don't want that thing! Ermuhgerd I didn't think it worked like that!!!!!! - Mark392
Mark! I'll take it off your hands! - Drakona
Here take the blasted thing!!! *pushes trophy off table edge* - Mark392
**catches it before anyone else can and runs** - Lady Silver