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# 35Rooster6130 28roncli# 22
"GG. I'm shaking lol" "GG! Easy come, DIFFICULT go."

Demo link
The shaking doesn't stop for hours. :) - roncli
Tied for 5th longest overtime DCL game ever. I really wasn't trying to get on that list. Great game!! - roncli
I know exactly how OT in blubird feels. Almost exactly two years ago: http://descentchampions.org/view_match.php?id=1124 - LotharBot
Wow! - Lady Silver
What sucks about this game is that I controlled overtime... I only recall 2 other occasions Rooster had the lead after 19-19, but I couldn't handle his spreadfire very well, and he did a fantastic job of shutting me down with it. - roncli
I also want to note that there's another D3 pilot that I played, IsAB, that I can beat pretty well in most 1v1 scenarios, but he beat me in Purple a while back. It seems that the D3'ers got their dogfighting style down pat! :) - roncli
(Yes, I know Purple is fusion, but it's essentially dogfighting in that level.) - roncli
This was easily my most enjoyed match to date. It was tit for that the whole game. The only 2+ kill separation was the first 3. Btw, you should post the vid. :) - Rooster61
Yup, videos are forthcoming! - roncli