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# 2Mark39222 20LoNi_# 3
"LOL!!! I guess you're right... LOL! Great game bro!" "The good thing is that you are not allowed to refuse D2 matches anymore! Congrats bro!"
War Journal Entry
"It was 7-3 in Loni's favor. He had thus far successfully kept my favorite weapon (the gauss cannon) in his possession... I was searching for an answer. I spawned in front of the reactor and chose to exit left, then changed my mind and u-turned to go the opposite way, feeling that my strategy had to become the mind game of all mind games or hope was lost. As I passed the reactor I saw a flash of silver, my mind raced "a second gauss cannon?!" I could hardly believe it as I heard the familiar sound of gauss ammo loaded for bear... And the rest, my friends, is epic history."