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# 15roncli22 20Lady Silver# 18
2 suicides
"GG! I was incredibly close to blowing that on a number of occasions. I got a really lucky one at one point that seemed to turn things around. Fantastic showing. :)"

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""Look at the red red changes in the sky, Look at the separation in the border line, But don't look at everything here inside, And be afraid, afraid to speak your mind. It took a moment before I lost myself in here. It took a moment and I could not be found. Again and again and again and again I see your face in everything. It took a moment the moment it could not be found!" Great Game Roncli, You get Top Bronze! Very well fought! "
War Journal Entry
This was great game. Even though I lost, I enjoyed it immensely. Like I've said before: this is the type of match I play for. Close. Intense. Excellent.

A few times during the day I was threatening him and calling him out for a game this evening after seeing he had jumped over me the night before and taken Top Bronze. He was kind enough to oblige, even though he didn't have to. I jokingly suggested my we fly in my home level, Crimson. To my surprise, he agreed, stating that he was not afraid.

It was close the whole way, with one of us taking maybe a 2 or 3 point lead once in a while. With me trying to combat his dangerous Fusion with Vulcan, and us lobbing missiles at each other, it was very back and forth, and tied several times.

We were both shaking by the end of this one. After Roncli made the final kill and the dust settled, he tells me he has 5 shields left! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :)

Thanks Roncli! You Deserve to keep Top Bronze for the end of this season! I look forward to fighting you for it next year!
It's been a long, long while since I've been able to beat you! I'm glad I've stuck with the mouse for as long as I have, because I'm close to where I was, and feel I still have much to learn. Thanks for all the games, and here's to a 2016 full of 'em! - roncli