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# 8RETHINK21 19Jediluke# 1
5 suicides
"I gotta admit bro I thought you'd put up more of a fight than that!" "Great game my friend. I ALMOST pulled a Jedi vs Djcjr comeback...almost. You deserve it this win. Well played."

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War Journal Entry
Rethink is up 17-13 at one point and my chances are slipping away fast. Then it's 17-14...then 17-15..17-16 Heck, I'm back in this game! Then Rethink gets a direct smart missile kill and goes up 18-16. Now it's 18-17. Now he's got match point 19-17. I get him and it's 19-18 but I'm dangerously low with 22 shields.

I decide to suicide. now Rethink is up 19-17. Looking bleak. I spawn near him and immediately get dropped to 44 shields. DAMNIT!!! I lose one more shield but get the kill. 19-18. I go down the long tunnel and unexpectedly end up facing him...he gets the better end of it and I'm about to lose the game as my shields are fading fast...I had JUST enough time to turn towards the wall fire the only concussion missile I had and fortunately killed myself denying him the win for now.

Rethink is up 19-17. Now all my stuff is in the tunnel and so is he...crap. I fake going in and then open a door from across the level then fly all the way around at full speed with no weaps and like 2 homers...he pops out of the tunnel just as I get there with his back turned on me and I unleash and BOOM he dies. 19-18 Rethink. I have 100 shields and so does he.

He pops out of the tunnel and unleashes five smarts at close range and I dodged them all like a boss and slip in to the open door he came out of...but he got me down to 43 shields.

He gets me with a quick vulcan tap and I'm at 35 and decide to suicide. 19-17

He's taggin me and I'm down to 38 shields when he accidentally commits suicide. Rethink 18-17 and I'm at 38 shields.

Now he's got me down to 1 shield and shooting vulcan from behind me but I luckily escape and get into the long tunnel and commit suicide. Rethink 18-16.

I then out awesome him and get the kill he's up 18-17 and my shields are at 93.

A long drawn out cat and mouse game ensues but I end up getting a direct smart missile kill but take a lot of spread and homers to the face and go down to 44 shields. 18-18

I get the next kill and am at 50 shields. I'm up 19-18 and have match point!!!! I just need one luck kill to win.

I trichord into the main dog room and barely miss 3 smarts that were already in the air only to catch his fusion shot...damn good shot.

19-19 OT.

Unfortunately he gets the next kill and he has match point 20-19.

Then he luckily happens upon me and takes me from 100 to 5 shields. I ALMOST...and I mean...ALMOST immediately suicided...which of course would have given him the win.

Now I know I'm screwed. I can only pray that he doesn't have the vulcan selected and that I get a random smart missile kill.

Well...he immediately vulcans me and I die instantly. Game over man...game over!

I type "You are just...amazing!"
He types "Bitch betta have my money!"
OH SO YOU DIDNT HAND OFF THAT STUPID TROPHY, EH?! That's it, I'm coming back tomorrow. - Mark392
oh...i'll fix that....the trophy is his. for now. - Jediluke
Oh, ok, I retract my previous statement. - Mark392
This game sounds hype. Will be watching this one. - roncli