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# 12Drakona20 11Dravis# 10
2 suicides
"Well I like it" "I hate D1 Spread"
War Journal Entry

After the previous close loss to Dravis in Flea, I wasn't sure I wanted to play him. But I was hoping I'd do better in a level with more dogfighting options, and that's what this match mostly came down to -- dogfighting with spreadfire. Well, and plenty of blind ambushes and maybe some luck. Maybe a lot of luck. I did seem to catch him going backwards an awful lot...
Wow, nice win here Drakona! I'd like to hear the story behind this one. - Jediluke
I watched the demo to see for myself what happened, and all I can come up with is basic execution stuff. That list of things you've told me to do, and Tom has told me to do over the last few months . . . things I usually forget to do in the heat of the moment . . . I actually did them all that match. Things I had to think hard about are slowly becoming second nature, but I think the credit should go to you guys for teaching me in the first place. - Drakona
Want to see a clearcut case of messed up netcode? Look at my third kill in this demo, around 12%. Dravis has taken no damage at this point, and has full shields. I fire a set of quads and a smart missile and kill him instantly, so it has to be the missile that hits. Watch it frame by frame. At no time -- forward or backward in time -- is he actually in the path of that missile. I must have appeared to fire it a different direction on his end. - Drakona