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1 suicide
"Indeed, good game" "Now that's some epic irony right there."
War Journal Entry
Unfortunately, I didn't demo this one.

None of my shots would land -- the exact thing Dravis had complained about in the last match. Where last time it seemed I couldn't lose in the dog room, this time it seemed I couldn't win. Something spooky's going on, no doubt; I saw some kills on him in the previous demo that lag alone can't explain. And I missed out on some in this game that I can't explain, either.

One thing's for sure, though, Dravis played this one a whole lot smarter. No easy ambushes, no embarrassing smart kills.

No, an A game was brought, no doubt about that.

Maybe someone had something to prove.
You know what this means right?......A 3rd match in the same level must happen! - Jediluke
Third match happened. 27-25. - LotharBot