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1 suicide
"An epic match! My fusion one shots vs. your magic quads." "Not often that you win vs lasers"
War Journal Entry
Tom has a favorite camping spot in this level -- in one corner of what passes for a dog room. Can't fault him, it's a good spot. I have a couple strategies for attacking it, but none of them are what I'd exactly call "good ideas." Usually I just wait him out.

So, at one point, up 5-4 and freshly respawned, when I looked around and couldn't see him anywhere, I thought, "He's in his spot." Seemed likely. I heard him lay some proxies, and I know he likes to use them as alarms. I thought, "Yup, he's mined the ramp entry and is in his spot."

I should probably have CHECKED that. There are ways to check it relatively cheaply. I didn't do any of them. I was pretty sure.

So I got right up on the door to the dog room and came through it guns blazing! Only, it turns out that's where all the proxies were. He'd mined the door. I blew them all up in my own face, and died before the door was even all the way open . . . 5-5.

Embarrassing! But what happened next made up for it: I went off for a string of FOUR one-shot fusion kills in a row. In the space of about 60 seconds! For the last two I had 14 shields, but to my own shock and amazement, didn't get tagged with so much as a level 1 laser. I probably have the netcode demon to thank for that, but still . . . :)

Anyway, there was plenty of back and forth after that, but he never quite recovered from that fusion run. On the other hand, it's two matches later and I have not YET recovered from that proxy kill.