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# 23Lady Silver27 25roncli# 17
3 suicides
""In the warrior's code there's no surrender; though the body says stop, her spirit cries NEVER!" Great Game, Roncli! Whew!" "GG! 2 suicides for me at 19-17 opened the door to get me back into it. What an overtime!"

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War Journal Entry
My failures will be fixed. My losses will be avenged. Lady Silver will be defeated.

At this point in the season, I have a 34-5 record against bronze. One of those losses was moh's promotion challenge, where he was poorly-placed into bronze by the rating algorithm when he's clearly a pilot that can straddle the line between silver and gold.

The other 4 losses?

Lady Silver.

The first was an embarrassing finish in Flea, 20-14 with a boatload of suicides to try to get back into the game. Not only did it not work, but she got me to UNINTENTIONALLY suicide towards the end to make the score look that much worse.

The next was a frustrating, laggy game in Black Rose where she downed me in overtime, 22-20. The lag was real, but no excuses, she still won.

Then in her promotion challenge, I did the worst among the silver pilots that stepped up to meet her challenge. The worst by FAR. She took a 20-16 victory over me there to take a +5, the only pilot to even afford her a positive score in her challenge.

And then this. A 27-25, 61-minute marathon, preceded by a comeback for me after being down 19-17. Twice I suicided back to 19-16, only to push the game into overtime. I was even ahead 22-20 in this match. That's not a typo, folks: I had a 2 point lead in overtime. However, in dodging the remaining fire in the air after the kill, I failed to move through her fiery pyro corpse, allowing her entry back into the game.

It's embarrassing.

Lady Silver's aggression frustrates me, not only because I am poor against it, but because I know pilots at and above my skill level SHOULD be able to easily counter that aggression. Hell, high bronze should know what to do when you have a pyro that likes to do little but charge you at a million miles per hour.

Why don't I know what to do?

To resolve this, I've decided to put a target on Lady Silver's back for the rest of the season. For the next two months, I intend to correct this flaw with my game, and to ensure that Lady Silver's aggression is rightfully punished.

I will make this right. This record WILL flop by season's end. I don't take this loss, or any of the previous losses to her, lightly.

After all, I still remember the taste of that 20-3 loss in Fuzed all those months ago.

I don't like the taste one bit.

I WILL have my revenge.

I WILL make this right.
Also a note, this was 22-20. For about a quarter of a second. Gotta dodge what's in the air! - roncli
In the video, check out the victory incandescence Lady Silver gives me at the end. HOW RUDE! :) - roncli
**giggle** - Lady Silver
GG! - PFunk (Sloth)
Excellent War Journal Roncli. I believe in you! - Entropy