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# 7Cyrus20 18Jediluke# 3
3 suicides
"This has concluded everything that I have aspired to do. Holy crap! I beat the best! Thank you for all that you have done for me. You have no idea how happy I am that I get to play with you everyday! GG!"

Demo link
"4 suicides. Great game. Super awesome bro. Great flying, great job. You deserve it man. Congrats on the hard earned win."
War Journal Entry
Since I started playing Descent (3) months ago all I could imagine is how it would feel to beat Jedi - this ridiculous opponent who just destroys you, beats you down, and tears you up over and over - no matter your strategy. Well, it finally came true and I can't appreciate it more.

I would like to add that I followed the "what to do if you beat Jediluke protocol" to the best of my abilities. I said nothing (except a F*** Yeah! mistakenly) and waited patiently for the rematch...which I was expecting to get pounded worse than I actually did. I did all of this even though all I really wanted to do was jump for joy, scream, and eat ice cream. The amount of respect I have for Luke is overwhelming - even though he has threatened every piece of my body and made me question why I was even born.

This is truly the pinnacle point of my Descent career. I feel as though I should retire, but I know there are other challenges out there.

Life is rather confusing for me on a personal note right now, and I have a bunch of stuff to tend to. I probably won't be as active as I used to be. I'm glad that I did this when I did because this was killing me inside - not understanding how I can't beat a single opponent after a copious amount of tries. I guess Drakona knows how that feels, but to say the least, it's very defeating.

I respect this game, this community, and all my competitors day in and day out. I really think Descent is still played because of how everyone approaches the game and preaches to do everything you can do in game to beat your opponent, no matter how dirty your tactics may be, but then you come out of the game and you're friends again...eventually.

At 29 years of age, I feel like I got to grasp my childhood again. Thank you all for being so kind and helpful. This was a crazy journey. I know it doesn't end here, but I can say I am satisfied with my dedication and accomplishments.

Luke & Morfod: Both of you got me to the skill level I am at. You both have been unbelievable jerks to me, and well, I kind of liked it. I wouldn't have the grit that I have now if you just gave me compliments over and over. You guys made me stronger mentally and it really helped to overcome any opponent's antics outside of the actual game - making me able to go solely against the opponent in game. That was a difficult hurdle for me to accomplish. You both are awesome and selfless!

Again, I thank you all for making this one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life! The Descent community will continue on for a very long time!

If any of this was cheesy and emotional - I'm sorry :P

P.S. check out the last kill of the demo #WORTHIT #LUKEWASSERIOUSLYPISSED
This is amazing and impressive for the both of you! Congrats on the hard earned win, Cyrus! Jedi, brother, congrats on training up another amazing pupil, and the hard earned streak against him--one that broke record books! Both of you keep up the epic work! Proud to know you both, you're both truly awesome people! :) - Mark392
CONGRATULATIONS CYRUS!!! I came in at like 15 - 12 to observe and as the game progressed I could feel my heart beat escalate, I can only imagine what Cyrus was going through XD - Lady Silver
Congratulations! Beating him once is an accomplishment. But now the question is how often can you repeat it! - roncli
Starts at C16 - J13. Not a very good demo, but a demo all the same: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xmvjxmugoioeipq/argentum_OBS_ascend.dem?dl=0 - Lady Silver
Yeah, repeating is not easy. Jeds doesn't just let it go if you beat him once. - Sirius
Neat. - Morf
Wow! Hard work pays off! - Drakona
NICE! - PFunk (Sloth)
You the man Cyrus, congrats! - spud
Dang, congrats Cyrus. Huge accomplishment to say the least. - moh
That last kill by the way. Lawl - moh
well played jeds, no idea if your comment is genuine or if you get to covertly be dickish. Looking forward to you smashing Cyrus 20-6 some time this weekend ;) - melvin
no, I genuinely mean it but admittedly it took effort to say it as opposed to what I was really 'feeling' at the time. I've known for sometime that I was going to lose to him and that made it ever so slightly easier to accept it when it did happen. Cyrus deserves it...and he's a very likable guy. I've barely saved myself from losses to him before...overtime...come from behinds...etc Sometimes I blow him out...;sometimes it's a nail biter. Congrats to him, it's genuine. I also genuinely hate losing. To anyone. But I wasn't being covertly dickish. - Jediluke
I know that all to be 100% true! It may be hard, because there isn't a more competitive person than Jeds, but he means it all! =) - Mark392
Nice journal Cyrus. Nice win. Nice game. Nice teacher. Nice pupil. Nice record. Nice streak. This is Descent. - LoNi_
^ well put, Loni! Now get your butt unretired and join us! - Mark392
I'd like to think that my advice was more useful to you than the H8. - Morf
Epic results from epic courage and belief in yourself. Inspirational...both of you. - Swarthy