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-bahamut21 19Drakona# 32
2 suicides
"Great map, GREAT pilot = Great game! Very sneaky" "Without a doubt, one of the finest matches I've ever played. Hats off to your column-fu!"
War Journal Entry
Bahamat can now count two big comebacks to his credit against me in FRP. The first time, he recovered from 10-5 to win 20-15. This time was closer the whole way, but when I led at 19-17, I thought, "For sure, this one's mine!"

But FRP isn't that kind of level.

Most of our fights were around the blue key door complex. I used every camping place on either side of it to good effect, and Bahamut did the same. There were brutal fights to get into the starting area, and brutal fights to get out of it.

One thing I'd been able to rely on most of the match -- it seemed Bahamut would rather be in the starting area than out of it. He would consistently camp near the blue door and try to draw me in. I could scoot by it from one direction or another and score some cheap damage. I did it many times.

So when does he decide to change that up? Ahead 20-19! Shot in the back trying to assault the doors, and I never saw him.

Really love the map and the style. It's a privilege to play against someone else who does. :)
Good game drakona, I almost lost it at the end again! - bahamut
You were down by a nasty margin, kept your cool and set me up like a PRO for that last kill. Really well played. :) - Drakona