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# 16Lady Silver20 15Entropy# 24
"That's right, this is MY house! lol GG Entropy! It took me almost a year, but I finally defeated you! :)"

Demo link
"NETFLIX SHIELD (jk) GG Lady Silver, you played this well."
War Journal Entry
I feel like this needs a little bit of fanfare to go with it.

Lady Silver has never beaten me prior to this game. She has, through thick and thin, played against me many times since she started playing D1 (instead of that weird game called da scent 3, really? scents?).

At first we were both Bronze. Then I made Silver and crushed her every game. Then she started improving her scores. At first I could keep her to around 8. Then 10. Then it was hard to keep her to 10. Then it was 12-14.

I haven't played much lately, but I can clearly see that that wasn't really an factor in this outcome.

Lady Silver has played and dedicated herself to trying to get better, and she most certainly has.

Good job Lady Silver. May you never beat me ever again. :P
Here's to many more to come! Atta girl, proud of you! - Mark392
I also tip my cap to you, Ent! A great competitor and even better person--well played all around, I really enjoyed the "fanfare"! - Mark392
Thanks, Entropy! :) And thank you, Mark! There will be more, despite what his last line says! ;) - Lady Silver