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# 10Drakona20 5Birddog# 17
"Great game, Birddog! Games with you are always fun. :)" "Very confusing at times but gg!"
War Journal Entry
I asked where he would like to play, and he said, "What's your best level?"

"Depends," I replied. "I think my game is best in Take2, but it's definitely most stacked in my favor in FRP."

"FRP it is, then."

FRP is a frustrating level to play in, if you don't know it well, if you're losing. Long periods of silence punctuated by moments of terror. Deaths that teach you nothing except that the other guy found you somehow before you found him. Intense weapon guarding. Intense camping.

All the elements for a frustrating game are there, and what does Birddog do? Seek out that challenge, and play it through with nothing but cheerfulness and class. Laughing, thinking, complimenting, learning, commenting, and just generally having a good time through 20 kills of difficult game.

I've come to expect that from him, mind you, but this was way above and beyond the call of duty.

Way to be. :)